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ניתוח פיתוח של תעשיית מפחית הציוד בסין

זמן: 2021-07-26 כניסות: 68

   While maintaining some of its cost advantages, the transmission gear industry must rely on new advantages such as technological progress, quality improvement, and product cost-effectiveness to expand exports. The basic force that promotes technological progress, innovation and development of the industry is irreversible. It is expected that the entire industry will achieve stable development at an average annual growth rate of about 30% during the process of transformation and upgrading.

1. Gear reducer boosts accelerated development of equipment manufacturing industry
   Gear reducer is an indispensable key component for the implementation of mechanical transmission in the equipment manufacturing industry. The development of the national economy will drive investment in infrastructure construction and promote the development of metallurgy, electric power, construction machinery, building materials, energy and other industries. These industries promote the expansion of the demand for gear reducers.

   In order to quickly change the backward situation of my country's reducer application being constrained by developed countries, the effects of national macroeconomic policies will continue to appear and domestic economic growth will remain strong. The international market will also slowly recover and the economy will gradually stabilize.

   Currently, the demand for gear reducers is strong and the capacity utilization rate is relatively high. The profitability of major reducer manufacturers has improved significantly. With the development of gear reducers, the demand for reducers will continue to maintain rapid growth and the average annual growth rate in the future will be more than 20%.

2. Analysis of prospects for future development and upgrading
   The downstream application industries of the reducer mainly include various fields of the national economy industry such as lifting and transportation, cement building materials, heavy mining, metallurgy, electric power, etc.

   Lifting and transportation equipment is the most widely used industry for gear reducers. The development speed of this industry directly affects the growth rate of the market demand for reducers. It is expected that the lifting and transportation equipment manufacturing industry in China will continue to maintain a rapid growth momentum. Benefiting from this, the demand for reducers will also be effectively driven.

    After experiencing a long-term extensive expansion in the steel industry, it is urgent to accelerate structural adjustment and industrial upgrading. This adjustment has brought challenges to the metallurgical heavy, machinery manufacturing industry, especially the high-tech equipment manufacturing industry, bringing market opportunities.

   Gear reducer is the second major type of general machinery equipment used in cement machinery. Its market prosperity will inevitably continue to rise with the strong demand of the cement machinery industry.

   The gear reducer industry has formed a huge industrial scale after the joint efforts of several generations in China. At present, reducer products in China not only meet the needs of the domestic mainstream market, but also occupy a certain amount in the international market. In conclusion, the speed reducer industry in China is well-known both at home and abroad, becoming the world's largest manufacturer country of speed reducers.

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